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Trung Quốc Imatec Digital Co.,Ltd Chứng chỉ
Trung Quốc Imatec Digital Co.,Ltd Chứng chỉ
Everything arrived safely , in excellent condition - The Pigment Inks look very close to our oem ink and it also works fine for me. Many thanks.

—— Ed Walker - USA

We received the paper in good condition- We like the Luster paper, the quality is really like the original Epson paper, we'd like to your exclusivity.

—— Brad - USA

We are doing very good with your inks PFI-701 and 706 for Canon plotters. Please share me other compatible inks and media for Canon, HP and Roland.

—— Nedal Odeh - U.A.E

We received all the packages. Everything is as expected. 260gr premium luster paper works perfectly on our Epson 9900. We'll have a good order. Thanks

—— CharlesD from Canada

Yours RC satin/luster papers & Synthetic paper have been tested. It went overall very well. Thank you!!

—— Hide.K - Japan

We've printed 410gsm matte cotton canvas and 260gsm poly canvas for photo reproduction on Canon iPF8300. Very ideal results. I like it! Thank U.

—— Milan Pol - Italy

Imatec Digital Co.,Ltd

Địa chỉ : #19 Đường Xinghuo, Khu phát triển công nghệ cao, Nam Kinh, Trung Quốc, 210032
Thời gian làm việc : 8:00-18:00(Hiện Bắc Kinh)
Điện thoại Kinh doanh : 86-25-58860906(Thời gian làm việc)   86-134-05827391(Nonworking thời gian)
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Người liên hệ : Mr. David Wang
Chức vụ : Sales
Điện thoại Kinh doanh : 86-151 0517 5660
WHATSAPP : +8615105175660
Skype : Imatecs
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Người liên hệ : Mr. Kevin Day
Điện thoại Kinh doanh : 86- 153 8042 3157
WHATSAPP : +8615380423157
Skype : kevinday23
WeChat : 86- 153 8042 3157
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Imatec Digital Co.,Ltd

Người liên hệ: Mr. David Wang

Tel: 86-151 0517 5660

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