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Giclee Eco Solvent Media , 260gsm Silky Polyester Glossy Inkjet Canvas Rolls

Giclee Eco Solvent Media , 260gsm Silky Polyester Glossy Inkjet Canvas Rolls

    • Giclee Eco Solvent Media , 260gsm Silky Polyester Glossy Inkjet Canvas Rolls
    • Giclee Eco Solvent Media , 260gsm Silky Polyester Glossy Inkjet Canvas Rolls
    • Giclee Eco Solvent Media , 260gsm Silky Polyester Glossy Inkjet Canvas Rolls
    • Giclee Eco Solvent Media , 260gsm Silky Polyester Glossy Inkjet Canvas Rolls
  • Giclee Eco Solvent Media , 260gsm Silky Polyester Glossy Inkjet Canvas Rolls

    Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:

    Place of Origin: Nanjing, China
    Hàng hiệu: Ritecolor
    Chứng nhận: ISO9001-2000, SGS
    Model Number: IM-705G

    Thanh toán:

    Số lượng đặt hàng tối thiểu: 1 cuộn
    Giá bán: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: 1 Rolls sealed plastic with 1 Box, 4 Box in 1 carton box, all packed in pallet
    Delivery Time: 5-7 days after the payment
    Payment Terms: D/P, L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Cread Card etc
    Supply Ability: 100000 square meter per Day
    Liên hệ với bây giờ
    Chi tiết sản phẩm
    Item Name: 260gsm Polyester Glossy Canvas Rolls Roll Width: 24"36"44"50"60" etc
    Support Ink: Eco Solvent Based Ink Printers Avaliable Sample Size: A4 Sheet & 24"x3m Sample Roll
    Normal Delivery: By Air Freight Or By Ship OEM Service: OEM Service is accepted

    Giclee Eco Solvent Media, 260gsm Silky Polyester Glossy Inkjet Canvas Rolls
    Canvas Specification:

    Waterproof 260gsm Glossy Polyester Canvas Rolls With White Back
    Canvas Weight 260gsm 
    Ink PrintCompatible with solvent based ink printers
    Usual Roll Width & Length24"36"44"50"60" x18m/30m 

    Print Surface

    Single Side
    DisplayPolyester glossy inkjet printing canvas 
    UsagePhotographic output, Home Decoration etc

    Printing Type

    wide format photo inkjet printing 

    OEM ServiceWe can accept the OEM service as your demands
    Sample Requirement Free of charge A4 sheet ans 24"x3m sample roll is avaliable 

    Product Description & Application:
    This is  a polyester, Optical Brightening additive free, matte canvas, top-coated with an ink-receptive layer. It is suitable for full-colour graphics for indoor applications such as fine art and photographic reproductions, theatre and trade show backdrops and other creative signage
    Giclee Eco Solvent Media , 260gsm Silky Polyester Glossy Inkjet Canvas Rolls
    Features & Benefits
    1). Polyester Canvas Rolls, Glossy Polyester Canvas Roll 260gsm 18m & 30m in All roll width
    2). 260gsm Polyester glossy canvas texture for near real art reproduction
    3). Superior whiteness for enhanced wide colour gamut and deep rich colours
    4). High physical strength to withstand stretching and stapling during framing process

    Water Resistance And Instant Dry 260gsm Polyester Glossy Canvas Rolls

    Compatible with all solvent based ink inkjet printers

    Bright white surface

    High restoring level

    No post processing or finishing is required on this canvas

    PH-neutral coating and high white point for consistent

    Printed surface is protected with stretch-proof coating

    Microporous waterproof coating technology

    Usually our canvas roll core in 2 inch or 3 inch

    Directly factory source and OEM service is accepted


    Large format 260gsm polyester glossy canvas fabric from china manufauturer
    (1).This media is compatible with original inks of most solvent ink printers. Please consult the ink/printer manufacturer for technical advice if required.
    (2). Pre-test the compatibility of the inks with the media before commencing actual production.
    (3).To achieve the best possible print quality, please make sure that the correct ICC profiles and heater settings are used. 

    Usage Instructions:
    (1).It is recommended to condition the media in the normal printing environment for 24 hours before printing.While printing, care must be taken to modify the print file to suit the ink limit of the media.
    (2) The media should be printed on within the specified ink limit. Exceeding the ink limit can lead to longer drying time, bleeding and lower resolution.
    (3).Printed media should be thoroughly dried before rolling-up for transport to avoid ink smearing.
    Post-processing for hem is not required. If necessary, banner tape is preferred to sewing. Grommets should be placed through 2 layers in the hemline.
    (4).Coner grommets should be placed where the vertical and horizontal hemlines meet, so that they pass through the 4 layers of the media.
    (5)A fresh pair of cotton gloves should be used while handling the bare media to avoid sweat, grease and oil transfer on to the media that could interfere with the print quality.
    (6)When not in use, the media should be stored in its original packing in a vertical position.
    Similar Inkjet Media:
    We supply a range of items to the Art - Photography and Wide Format Printing Industry. Check the below list for further information on our products.

    Item NoDescriptionWeightInk SupportRoll Size
    Polyester Canvas Rolls
    IM-604Polyester Matte Canvas220gsmPigment/dye ink24"36"44"50"60"x18m/30m
    IM-605Polyester Matte Canvas260gsmPigment/dye ink24"36"44"50"60"x18m/30m
    IM-605Polyester Matte Canvas280gsmPigment/dye ink24"36"44"50"60"x18m/30m
    IM-705MPolyester Matte Canvas260gsmSolvent/Latex Ink24"36"44"50"60"x18m/30m
    IM-705GPolyester Glossy Canvas280gsmSolvent/Latex Ink24"36"44"50"60"x18m/30m
    Cotton Canvas Rolls
    IM-609Cotton Matte Canvas410gsmPigment/dye ink24"36"44"50"60"x18m/30m
    IM-636Cotton Matte Canvas 320gsmPigment/Dye ink24"36"44"50"60"x18m/30m
    IM-610Cotton Glossy Canvas400gsmPigment/Dye ink24"36"44"50"60"x18m/30m
    IM-030Cotton Glossy Canvas360gsmSolvent/Latex Ink24"36"44"50"60"x18m/30m
    IM-609ACotton Matte Canvas380gsmSolvent/Latex Ink24"36"44"50"60"x18m/30m

    General Questions:
    Q: How about the goods package? Is the customized OEM packing & logo accepted?
    A: Usually with neutral packing. One roll per box, with pallet. Also, OEM packing is available for free. You need just inform us your logo & packing information in details. We will do it for you.
    Q: Do you have the samples to provide? Is it free of charge?
    A: Yes. We provide samples for free of charge, with freight collection. The samples can be both sheet size and small roll (24"x3m).
    Q: What is the lead time for delivery?
    A: Usually 3-7 days after payment (deposit). This time includes production time, and testing time before leaving factory.

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